Guide to a Lice-Free and Healthy Scalp

January 12, 2018 10:02 am

Serious scalp situation is real even for kids. Your kids’ health is everything to you and that means taking extra care of them from head to toe. But when it comes to hair issues, you tend to give more attention to what kind of shampoo and conditioner they use, because the main focus is to keep their strands clean and nourished. But the truth is, healthy hair starts with the skin that covers the head—the scalp. Here are a few tips to keep their scalp and hair clean and nourished all the time.


Rinse their scalp properly.

Sounds too easy, right? But one of the most common mistakes is not rinsing the scalp properly after scrubbing it with shampoo! When this happens, there is a build-up of sebum and shampoo on the hair, which results to dandruff. Tip: Remove the shampoo by washing their hair with cold water for 30 seconds or more, especially if your kid has thick hair.


Nourish them with foods rich in omega-3.

Yes, what they eat affects their scalp and hair! It’s best to eat dishes filled with omega-3, which is known to soothe and moisturize the scalp. Don’t panic that they won’t like these types of food, because food cooked in canola oil (which means anything fried or baked with it), eggs, and anything enriched with dairy products are packed with this nutrient. Anybody up for mac and cheese?


Do everything you can do protect them from lice.

One of the most embarrassing situations for your kids is when you need to pull them out from school for a few days because of head lice. One way to prevent this is to teach them to avoid head-to-head contact with other kids in the classroom and in the playground. This simple act can transfer lice from one head to another! Tell them to be careful, but never discourage them to play with other kids.


Always wear a hat or carry an umbrella.

Keep in mind that the scalp is an extension of the skin! That’s why too much sun exposure can cause sunburn on the scalp, too. Ask your kids to wear a hat or carry an umbrella with them for days when they need to soak up some fun under the sun.


P.S. Remind them not to share hats with playmates or classmates to prevent head lice from spreading.


Keep a bottle of Lindell Lotion at home all the time.

Kids from 3 to 11 years old are more prone to head lice, since they tend to be more carefree when they interact with other kids. To make sure that head lice won’t ever get in the way of school days and play dates, be ready with a bottle of Lindell Lotion at home. With its powerful anti-head lice ingredient called Permethrin, it works as a one-time treatment just by slathering it their scalp just like a lotion! Easy and hassle-free to keep their head lice-free and healthy.